@tsteur opened this Pull Request on August 29th 2015 Member

refs #8621

Should write only once last or previous and if it showed last18 it will now show last 18

@diosmosis commented on August 30th 2015 Member

I think #8621 isn't only about the last last52 issue, but that sometimes the time elapsed seems to be very off (ie, the example in the issue shows the time elasped as .02s, but the log messages are 43s apart). Looks like a weird concurrency issue...

@tsteur commented on August 31st 2015 Member

Thx will have a look again

@tsteur commented on August 31st 2015 Member

Shall we maybe close this one since it was not about that or merge though? I changed the fixes to refs. The other issue is indeed about the time elapsed.

This Pull Request was closed on August 31st 2015
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