@diginet-md opened this Issue on August 25th 2015

We speak about API "Module Resolution"

it would be nice in case you add "viewport parameter" for "Module resolution" in API
This will be very useful feature for analytics (the share of mobile devices in increasing)

What Is the Viewport? (for example)

the some real examples of viewport(s), you can also visit

@sgiehl commented on August 25th 2015 Member

We would need to add that to the js tracker aswell, as it currently only reports the resolution.

@sgiehl commented on August 26th 2015 Member

Another note: While the resolution mostly doesn't change while browsing, it might be more common that the viewport size might change. Saving only one viewport size per visit might thus not be correct.

@diginet-md commented on August 26th 2015

I) Briefly.
Paramenter "viewport" for mobile devices (phone + tablets) has 2 options

  • portrati view
  • landscape view

1.1) "Display resolution" and "view port" It is NOT simple list of "connected" parameters

II) "Display resolution" and "view port" - for example
2.1) for mobile phone ZOPO998, display: 5.5 inches
2.1.1) diplay resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels (FHD screen)

2.1.2) view port / em / display resolution:

  • portrait view: 360 x 640 pix / 23 em
  • landscape view: 640 x 360 pix / 40 em

2.2) for tablet: Samsung Glalaxy Note 10,1, display 10,1 inches
2.2.1) display resolution: 1280 x 800 pix

2.2.2) view port / em

  • portrait view: 800 x 1280 pix / 50 em
  • landscape view: 1280 x 736 pix / 80 em

III) as example, you can test your mobile phone / tablet and see in "your hands"
not all links provide "real information" for "display resolution" / "viewport"

@pdigioia commented on June 22nd 2018

+1. Google analytics provides similar information (their term is Browser Size).

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