@dhoko opened this Pull Request on August 25th 2015
@dhoko commented on August 26th 2015

It works since IE5 :)

@mattab commented on September 11th 2015 Member

Hi @dhoko - thanks for the pull request.

I noticed that the JavaScript tests are failing: https://travis-ci.org/piwik/piwik/jobs/79610460

could you take a look and try to fix the build?


@dhoko commented on September 11th 2015

Fixed, tests are ok with both Phantomjs and Chrome,

@dhoko commented on September 11th 2015

But the test suite is buggy, sometimes it doesn't work sometimes it works.

Ex 5min ago:

  1. test 32 HS, 33 OK
  2. F5 32 is ok, but 33 HS Wazzuf ?
  3. F5 32,33 ok.


@mattab commented on February 1st 2016 Member

Hi @dhoko maybe we could merge this PR in Piwik 3.0.0?

@dhoko commented on February 2nd 2016

I wanted to upgrade this PR, but since the beginning I have this #9492 It's hard to work with it :/

PS: Yes copy/paste this message :loop:

@mattab commented on September 23rd 2016 Member

Moved to 3.0.0-b2 - @tsteur maybe you could review/maybe-merge this one?

@tsteur commented on September 26th 2016 Member

@dhoko if you are still interested in this can you issue PR again against 3.x-dev branch? 2.X is in LTS mode so we don't merge any possibly breaking changes

This Pull Request was closed on September 26th 2016
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