@rysiekpl opened this Issue on August 24th 2015

I am trying to get Piwik to track campaigns. I am using Piwik Tracking API via piwik-php-tracker. In my code I set the attribution info -- properly, I think, as it gets recorded in the cookies and is available via getAttributionInfo() call.

Specifically, this means that the _rcn and _rck params of the Piwik HTTP Tracking API call get set. Apparently they are, and they do get passed to Piwik via HTTP, as I can see them in the debug output (I added a bit of logging here and there to Piwik to trace what's happening).

Here's the HTTP request that gets made by PiwikTracker.php:


However, they are being completely ignored, it would seem. "Campaigns" report has "no data", or at least no data about the campaigns that are supposed to be tracked this way, even though visits do get recorded and the referrer info (i.e. referrer URL) gets set properly.

Curiously, campaigns tracked via pk_campaign query param in URLs seem to work properly also.

I am using Piwik 2.13.x (upgrading to 2.14.x postponed here until we can sort this one out).

@rysiekpl commented on August 27th 2015

Anybody any comments on this?

@mattab commented on August 31st 2015 Owner

Thanks for the report @rysiekpl I was able to reproduce the issue. we'll investigate

@rysiekpl commented on August 31st 2015

Thanks. If it helps, I can do an upgrade to Piwik 2.14.x on our testing infrastructure and test it out for you.

This Issue was closed on September 11th 2015
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