@hpvd opened this Issue on August 16th 2015

1) in lightbox popup shown information like Visitor Profile (and probably some other places)
information are lost by cutting to fit the static width of the lightbox.
These cut of parts of the URLs, events... are lost,
with consequence that in cases when names are only differing in the cut of part, the shown part of the information maybe completely useless (in this place)
Please see attachment.

2) in other place where data is cut but the window has adaptive width like e.g. in Visitor Log, on could widen the browser window (on large screens) or use browser zoom to have a chance to see all needed data.
But also this is not very user-friendly...

=> To solve this, on ALL places where cutting of parts is done,
the full uncut version of the shown data should be visible in the hover / tooltip.


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