@sgiehl opened this Pull Request on August 12th 2015 Member

As discussed at the meetup in Berlin we should make it possible to donate to plugin creators directly from within Piwik.

I've updated the list of plugins (within the piwik admin) to show an additional text if there are donation possibilities available:


Clicking on the link opens a small popover, showing all available possibilities.


Any suggestions / thoughts for improvements?
Guess the displayed text could be improved, maybe someone has a good suggestion for a better wording?!

@tsteur commented on August 13th 2015 Member

I haven't tested it, only had a quick look at the code and looks good. Also like the idea of displaying it in the app

@mattab commented on August 13th 2015 Member

Great idea @sgiehl - I put couple comments, otherwise good to merge

@mattab commented on August 14th 2015 Member

Re; bitcoin, alternatively you could just show the bitcoin address and users could copy paste it to send money to?

@sgiehl commented on August 15th 2015 Member

@mattab I've changed the bitcoin stuff. I've updated the screenshot in the PR description above.
Do you have suggestions to improve the text? Otherwise guess we could merge!

@MagicFab commented on August 16th 2015

Bitcoin could be specified in one of two ways:

It is against best practices to reuse a single address but possible (and may be used for any of many valid reasons). Bitcoin payment processors take care of generating a new address, forwarding/converting payments, etc.

When clicking a Bitcoin URI it will open the local Bitcoin app for payment if one is installed (for example Electrum).

I can test this if/when implemented.

@sgiehl commented on August 16th 2015 Member

@MagicFab Plugin developers can set exactly one bitcoin address per plugin, so we need to use that one.
I don't have an account at bitpay.com, but I guess it's mostly like coinbase.com. Problem with that is, we do not want to include external javascripts. So I guess using the bitcoin uri might be the best solution for now.

@MagicFab commented on August 17th 2015

@sgiehl ok, using a single Bitcoin address is fine.

Adding the possibility to have a direct URL link to self-shoted pages or to service like Bitpay does not require Javascript, however. It's a direct link, just like the current Paypal / Flatter links.

@sgiehl commented on August 20th 2015 Member

@MagicFab not sure if I got you wrong, that would require to let the user define the full URL to their bitcoin donation page. Guess it should be possible to check if the value is a full url or a bitcoin address and handle the link according to that.

@mattab what do you think about that?

@mattab commented on August 20th 2015 Member

@sgiehl sounds good to me if bitcoin can be either a bitcoin address, or a URL to a custom bitcoin donate page. btw let's also mention this possibility in the dev guide in http://developer.piwik.org/guides/distributing-your-plugin#prepare-your-plugin

@sgiehl commented on August 20th 2015 Member

@mattab ok. do we have any validation checks on the marketplace for the value of the donation fields?

@mattab commented on August 20th 2015 Member

Good point! I just found this code:

            if (empty($donate['bitcoin'])
                || !ctype_xdigit($donate['bitcoin'])
                || strlen($donate['bitcoin']) < 10
                || strlen($donate['bitcoin']) > 100) {
                $donate['bitcoin'] = null;

so URLs will not work in the bitcoin field!

Could you get in touch with Thomas to discuss/have this changed?

@sgiehl commented on August 20th 2015 Member

Hm... on the other hand I'm not sure if it would really be good to link to a custom URL. That would allow users to inject "bad" links in piwik and the marketplace. Maybe it would be better to whitelist some urls (domains), but I don't know which services might be good to whitelist

@sgiehl commented on August 23rd 2015 Member

@mattab: I'd suggest to leave it as it is for now. Maintaining kind of a whitelist for serious bitcoin donation service does not really seem to be a good option.. So guess we can merge, if the wording is fine for you.

@mattab commented on August 26th 2015 Member

Nice change!

This Pull Request was closed on August 26th 2015
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