@mnapoli opened this Pull Request on August 12th 2015 Contributor

Ref #8447

See https://github.com/piwik/piwik/issues/8447#issuecomment-130235619

  • Make UI tests use the test config in config.ini.php

    The command that runs UI tests now writes a /tests/UI/config.js file that contains the variable configured in config.ini.php. If a file already exists and wasn't autogenerated by this command, it is not overwritten.

    That allows to run UI tests with another remote than localhost, which happens for example with Docker where phantomjs runs in another container than Piwik.

  • Fix tests and fixtures to work with an http host different than localhost
@mattab commented on August 13th 2015 Member

:+1: this makes it easier to run our UI tests on more configuration

This Pull Request was closed on August 13th 2015
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