@mnapoli opened this Pull Request on August 11th 2015 Contributor

Fixes #8356

Example (not limited to this tooltip):

capture d ecran 2015-08-11 a 13 20 30
@tsteur commented on August 11th 2015 Owner

I kinda started working on this issue at the same time but only for like 20 minutes. I wanted to do it for all elements containing a [title] attribute (excluding the elements that already have tooltips because they have custom formatting I think) automatically so it will also work in the future. Just saying in case this would be an option as well.

@mnapoli commented on August 11th 2015 Contributor

@tsteur that was my first thought too, but the amount of things that could (or could not ofc) break (or go wrong) left me choosing the most secure solution. There is already a lot of custom code for showing tooltips here and there, that would be great at some point to remove it.

@tsteur commented on August 14th 2015 Owner

I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong but it doesn't seem to work for me. I made sure to checkout right branch, clear templates cache and that correct file is loaded. The date, ip, custom variables title still shows the plain tooltip for me in Chrome 44 on Mac.

@mnapoli commented on August 14th 2015 Contributor

I checked again, I'm in sync with origin, I checked out the branch, cleared the cache, and it works.

capture d ecran 2015-08-14 a 14 27 40

Can someone else give it a try?

@tsteur commented on August 14th 2015 Owner

Does it work when hovering eg the date?

This Pull Request was closed on August 17th 2015
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