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This was suggested by a Piwik chinese user by email:

Hi Piwik,

I am a Piwik developer  from china,  and we have a problem in  GEO IP.

we found lot of  visitors  IP  where from China  was not correct ,  we  suggest  Piwik to  provide  IP database  option which is popular in China.   Their website  is  https://www.ipip.net/?l=EN  .

we hope Piwik to improve the precision  of GEO IP .   Thanks 

This could be done as a plugin on the Marketplace but I also wanted to note the idea here in an issue.

@ThaDafinser commented on October 20th 2015 Contributor
@szkane commented on April 28th 2016

where can I download this plugin ? I can't find it on the Marketplace.
@ThaDafinser @mattab

@dieskim commented on May 11th 2016

Any update? Is this available?

@ThaDafinser commented on May 11th 2016 Contributor

@dieskim sadly not.I have currently no personal need
see https://github.com/ThaDafinser/Piwik-GeoIpChain/issues/1

I think this would be something for piwik 3.0

Only "enhancing" the visitor data with the geo data is easy. But the integration with piwik is a bit more work

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