@piwikfan opened this Issue on August 5th 2015

I just found out about this bug. Don't know it it was present in a previous release of piwik. Currently I'm using the latest version 2.14.2

When adding a new site or configuring one and entering an URL with and and symbol (&) the resulting db entry for this site will be & although it just should be &.
Using the small picture link in the "All Websites" Dashboard will then redirect (in my case) to the wrong url.
Step 1: I create a new website entry in piwik
Step 2: In the textfield titled "URLs" I enter http://www.demosite.com/?var1=1&var2=2 and then i press the save button.
Step 3: On the top right side I click on "All Websites"
Step 4: in the following view I navigate to the entry Demosite an right next to the title there is a small icon which will lead me to the URL I typed in in step 2. But instead of reaching the correct site. Instead of http://www.demosite.com/?var1=1&var2=2 I will be forwarded to http://www.demosite.com/?var1=1&var2=2

Please see my attachment for more information.

I can manually alter the database entry and remove amp; and everything works. But everytime I change some setting for this site I have to remember to manually remove "amp;" or if a colleague of mine changes something while I'm on vaccation finding this bug on his own can be pretty time consuming.


@sgiehl commented on June 7th 2022 Member

The problem with the encoded url being displayed in thetooltip on all websites dashboard seems meanwhile fixed. Everything else might be handled with #4231 if needed.

This Issue was closed on June 7th 2022
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