@tsteur opened this Pull Request on July 30th 2015 Member

Original PR was #7271

Noticed the index is quite big for log_visit table so had a look and noticed there is one index not needed when we move config_id to the end of the existing index_idsite_datetime index.

We had a quick look and it seems that we query config_id always in combination with visit_last_action_time so should be all good. Probably in the past this was not the case and therefore this index was needed.

Should we directly mark the update as Major?

@tsteur commented on March 10th 2016 Member

We cannot merge this one. The index idsite, visit_last_action_time, config_id makes no sense as visit_last_action_time is likely used with a range it will never use the index config_id as MySQL stops using any further index after a range index was used.

This Pull Request was closed on March 10th 2016
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