@anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue on July 1st 2009

Under PHP 5.3 the ereg() method has been deprecated, and a number of other features are changed.

The attached diff allows Piwik to install and run under 5.3. It primarily fixes the deprecated issues in the code, BUT NOT in the Unit Tests: these currently generate a range of warnings about depracation.

Therefore this diff is a starting point, and SHOULD BE CHECKED since in some places it is not immediately obvious that the ereg -> preg replacement is trivial.

In theory, the diff is backwards-compatible, but I've only tested under 5.3, so am unsure about this.

Note too that I've not changed the ereg calls in


Since these are libraries, I have left them, and they don't appear to cause a problem on my instance yet (which I've only just installed and started playing with).

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on July 1st 2009

Attachment: Patch to get Piwik running under PHP 5.3

@robocoder commented on July 5th 2009 Contributor

craigmj: thanks for the patch. I've extended the changes to libs and tests, and reviewed/applied fixes for the other backward incompatibilities and deprecated functions (e.g., split and magic methods).


  • I didn't apply the change to config/global.ini.php as it isn't backwards compatible with php 5.2.x
  • I reworked the fix for libs/Event/Dispatcher.php to handle the header & footer callbacks.
  • the patch to libs/Smarty/plugins/functions.fetch.php comes from Smarty SVN
  • the patches to Zend will be reviewed again in #497
@robocoder commented on July 6th 2009 Contributor

(In [1287]) fixes #845 - php 5.3 backward incompatibilities and deprecated functionality;
quick fixes #851 - unit tests; also fix redirect error in Installation when deleting existing tables

@mattab commented on July 6th 2009 Member

craigmj & vipsoft, good stuff - Piwik has been fast to be 5.3 compatible.

@mattab commented on July 6th 2009 Member

by the way, vipsoft, please let me know when you think it is best to release 0.4.2 to address these changes.

@robocoder commented on July 7th 2009 Contributor

(In [1293]) refs #845 - update simpletest (from 1.0.1beta to 1.0.1);
apply changes for php 5.3 (i.e., deprecated functionality);
change ordering of unit tests (all_tests.php)

@robocoder commented on August 2nd 2009 Contributor

re-opening: regression with php 5.2.x; all_tests.php broken in trunk

@robocoder commented on August 2nd 2009 Contributor

Not a regression.

This Issue was closed on August 2nd 2009
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