@acs-ferreira opened this Issue on July 23rd 2015

When deploying from git we deploy master branch which is not suitable for production for many reasons.

Wouldn't it be production friendly to have a stable branch from where we could pull from for production environments ?

@tsteur commented on July 24th 2015 Owner

See the FAQ article we do not recommend to deploy from git, especially not in production. Therefore, I reckon, we won't add a stable branch to make it more production friendly.

We always tag a new stable version when there's a new release but the name obviously always changes (as the name is the version number) and isn't stable. You could write a little script to read the latest tag automatically. Eg Git 2.0 supports something like git tag --sort=version. If you do, feel free to share it by adding a comment and we can put it in the FAQ entry.

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