@myfirstnameispaul opened this Issue on July 21st 2015

I have a wiki article that ends with a %3F (ASCII code ?). When Piwik reports the address for visitors to the page, it removes the %3F, so when I click on the page from the dashboard, I am sent to a non-existing page on my server.

I haven't messed around to see if the same is true with the %3F in other parts of the URL or if it also happens with other ASCII codes at the end of URLs.

I did verify in my logs that users are going to the actual page (ending in %3F).

@mattab commented on September 18th 2015 Member

Hi @myfirstnameispaul - thanks for the report. Indeed, Piwik removes the trailing ? character when found. This is a bug indeed as we should generally not record URLs after modification.

(Sometimes Piwik modifies URLs and it's expected, eg. Piwik removes some URL parameters to keep URL clean, such as campaign tracking params or other common sessionid parameters. We should only remove the trailing ? character when we first removed URL query parameters and then the query string ends up being empty. )

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