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refs #8304

This PR requires #8388 to be merged first. Only core/Updates/2.14.2.php belongs to this PR.

While working on #8304 I noticed dimensions are not correctly marked as uninstalled. This is fixed in #8388. This PR provides an update that removes option entries of actually no longer installed dimensions.

When installing a dimension we create an entry in the option table eg name=version_log_visit.server_time. This way we know the dimension was installed and which version of that dimension is installed. When uninstalling a dimension this option entry is supposed to be removed but it did not work. This prevented eg that the same dimension will be installed later again which is a bug.

In this update we compare the option entries (columns marked as installed) with the actually existing columns (by fetching the actual column names from the DB table) and remove the option entries that are marked as installed but no longer exist.

@mattab commented on July 24th 2015 Member

This works, awesome :+1:

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