@barbushin opened this Pull Request on July 17th 2015 Contributor

User-Agent matching rule changed from equal substring matching, to all words(\w+) presenting validation. So now special characters and words(\w+) order does not matter.

Also, , character in User-Agent pattern will be automatically replaced to ; before sending to server. It will fix the conflict when , present in User-Agent pattern and in the same way is used to separate patterns in DB store field.

Closes #7978

@mattab commented on July 22nd 2015 Member

added to 2.15.0 milestone as the issue #7978 is in 2.15.0 (@barbushin this helps other team members see that your pull request needs review soon)

@tsteur commented on August 14th 2015 Member

Nice PR but have to close in favour of #8482 . Thx for the work and the PR, really appreciated

This Pull Request was closed on August 14th 2015
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