@ThaDafinser opened this Issue on July 10th 2015 Contributor

I'm currently upgrading from 2.13.1 to 2.14

In the release announcement is nothing mentioned about a database upgrade, but there is one: https://github.com/piwik/piwik/blob/master/core/Updates/2.14.0-b2.php

I thought okay that's not so big. But the upgrade also executes following command:

ALTER TABLE piwik_log_visit DROP COLUMN config_windowsmedia which takes in my enviroment quiet a lot of time.

-> Okay that's caused by #8304 , but -vvv would be awesome still :+1:

I think thats the 2nd time the database changes were not mentioned in the release notes, because they were introduced in a beta.

Is it possible to introduce the verbosity level to the core:update command? Because i already thought this time there is something broken, because it took so long (and there was only a drop + create table in the diff)


@mattab commented on July 10th 2015 Member

Hi @ThaDafinser

As you suspect we didn't announce the site_settings update since it's not major and should always be very fast.

ALTER TABLE piwik_log_visit DROP COLUMN config_windowsmedia which takes in my enviroment quiet a lot of time.

This is surprising, because this query should not execute when upgrading to 2.14.0! we still have the column in the database which is handled by this class: https://github.com/piwik/piwik/blob/8290/plugins/DevicePlugins/Columns/PluginWindowsMedia.php

Do you have this file in your Piwik instance? Maybe it was deleted somehow and then Piwik deleted the column during upgrade?

I checked on local instance and on the demo and the column config_windowsmedia is still there.

Do you maybe see a warning in Administration > System check?

@ThaDafinser commented on July 10th 2015 Contributor

@mattab i think my system should be fine. It seems many people had/have that issue...

Since you will lose data, if you not backup all...dont you want to "unpublish" the current release, until the error is found?


@mattab commented on July 15th 2015 Member

Does anyone else experienced this issue during 2.14.0 upgrade? please leave a comment. I'm still very surprised by this bug and don't understand yet how it could happen :-(

@ThaDafinser commented on July 16th 2015 Contributor

As a side note maybe: It dropped me more than that column. All columns mentioned here: http://forum.piwik.org/read.php?2,127838,page=1#msg-127877

I also used the workaround to "recreate" the columns, because i more likely lose that (unimportant) data then the whole tracking day.

@mattab commented on July 22nd 2015 Member

Marking as duplicate of #8304 (new pull request #8389 #8388)

This Issue was closed on July 22nd 2015
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