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Currently, when exporting a data set in Piwik, it will export the current number of records displayed on screen. By default most tables show 10 rows so the export, so when exporting data, the URL has &filter_limit=10 and only 10 rows are exported. One can manually change this value in the URL. But this is not intuitive and many users would not know to do this.

For example we got this feedback via the feedback tool:

This isn't just with the Visitor Log but anywhere that has an export feature to CSV for example. Currently I have it set to 25 and I realize it can go to 500. But what if I wanted to export more than that, let's say all the data that is available for a particular range. I don't want to scroll to each page, even if it is 10 pages by 500 items per page. I think there should be an option to export all the data for the current Data Range you are working in.

Maybe when a user clicks an export link (eg. CSV) we could show a little popover or some other mechanism, that lets user select how many rows should be exported. One could then choose to export 50, 500 or even "all" records.

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