@abagshaw opened this Issue on July 8th 2015

I tried automatically updating to version 2.14.0 as prompted by piwik this morning. After clicking update automatically the page hung while it was loading and stayed loading for a number of minutes. FInally I just refreshed the page and now I get this error

"Class Piwik\Measurable\Type\TypeManager does not exist"

every time I try to log into Piwik. Nothing is working anymore. Please help!

Thanks! (this has also been posted on Piwik forums but I though this might be a better place to post it)

@sgiehl commented on July 8th 2015 Member

Does the file core\Measurable\Type\TypeManager.phpexist on your Server?
If not try reuploading Piwik manually.

@abagshaw commented on July 8th 2015

No it actually didn't exist - I re-uploaded and everything seems fine now. Thanks!

This Issue was closed on July 8th 2015
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