@tsteur opened this Issue on June 29th 2015 Owner

I noticed a problem with this while testing #8242. I'm using Chrome 43 on MacOS. Under "Admin => Mobile Messaging" when changing the setting "Allow users to manage their own SMS provider" I always see an error messaging popping up that says Please specify a value for 'delegatedManagement'.

It doesn't matter if one changes it from "Yes" to "No" or "No" to "Yes"

@mattab commented on July 1st 2015 Owner

Hi @barbushin could you maybe take a look at this issue?

@barbushin commented on July 1st 2015 Contributor

Hey @mattab I alreadt fixed it. There us pull request https://github.com/piwik/piwik/pull/8248

This Issue was closed on July 12th 2015
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