@craue opened this Pull Request on June 26th 2015 Contributor

Instead of PIWIK_INCLUDE_PATH . '/vendor/...', now PIWIK_VENDOR_PATH . '/...' should be used. The new constant PIWIK_VENDOR_PATH points directly to the vendor dir.

This is an approach to avoid (future) issues with files not being found when Piwik is installed as a Composer dependency. See #173 and #8226.

I just searched the repo for vendor and tried to replace it when possible, although there's some code I decided to leave untouched for now to avoid accidentally breaking it. E.g. in core/Profiler.php there's one line which could be changed easily but also one line creating a URL based on the path. So please review the changes carefully and let me know if there's something wrong or missing.

@mattab commented on July 6th 2015 Owner

Thanks @craue, looks good!

This Pull Request was closed on July 6th 2015
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