@tzi opened this Pull Request on July 2nd 2013 Member

Hi guys!

I made some HTML & CSS clean up:

  • Remove CSS from template
  • Remove Javascript from template
  • Use HTML5 Doctype & charset
  • Simplify the layout HTML

The merge with the master was really hard, so I hope there is no regression!


@mattab commented on July 5th 2013 Member

Excellent overall cleanups and refactor of template, css, js code!

Regressions found in testing:

  • When the site selector is opened, on click it should close again
  • When the site selector is opened, it "pushes down" the content. Instead it should open "on top of" other elements/reports
  • In the calendar, bug: clicking on the Month Previous/next button closes the calendar.
  • "Scheduled reports" page should show the website selector.

Looking forward to the next PR :+1:

@tzi commented on July 8th 2013 Member

Thank you for the overall testing!
I will fix this bugs soon.


@mattab commented on July 30th 2013 Member

Looking forward to the regressions fixed!

This Pull Request was closed on July 5th 2013
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