@sgiehl opened this Issue on June 22nd 2015 Member

Followup to #8101, refs #8125

We should make some parts of the translations part of the Piwik API.
Translations that are part of that API should never be changed and rarely be removed.

Part of that API should be all translation keys part of the Intl plugin as well as all keys in a special category that we need to define. We still need to consider which keys/translations should be added here.

We shall also update the developer docs to advice plugin developers, that those API translations can be used safely and that other translations available in Piwik might change in time.
That note should also be added to the translation search within Piwik

@tsteur commented on June 23rd 2015 Member


Don't have an opinion on the name of the second special category. Which keys are supposed to go into the Intl plugin? Only generic ones like dates etc or also analytics specific ones like "visits" and "website"? Maybe we could even just move all that are considered API into Intl?

@sgiehl commented on June 24th 2015 Member

Currently all translations available in the Intl plugin are extracted from CLDR and autogenerated. They are also NOT included on transifex.
I would not suggest to move any other translations to that plugin, as we would than need to include it on transifex.

@tsteur commented on June 24th 2015 Member

Thx for clarification! Maybe it might be worth to add a README to this plugin explaining this?

@mattab commented on July 15th 2015 Member


Which plugins translations are part of API, I guess Intl translations and also General?

@sgiehl maybe we add this as part of #8125 and close this RFC? (we will close #8125 later after creating a new public developer guide)

@tsteur commented on July 15th 2015 Member

I'd prefer to just remove the RFC label and add Enhancement or so. We need an issue to actually do this unless we're happy with the current translations in General and Intl @sgiehl ?

@sgiehl commented on July 15th 2015 Member

All Intl translations should be in the API. And I'd suggest to create a new category Piwik where we move translations we want to have in the API. Need to make some thoughts what we should move, but it should be stuff like metric names, general stuff like 'Yes', 'No', 'Cancel'

I'm not sure if we should do that for 2.15. Maybe 3.0 would be better for moving keys, as it might break translations for third party plugins using them

@tsteur commented on July 15th 2015 Member

3.0 sounds good to me as it's not urgent and breaks things.

@mattab commented on August 13th 2015 Member

Once it's been decided to make some plugin translations part of the API, please update the list in: https://github.com/piwik/piwik/issues/8125

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