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The goal of this issue is to list all the changes that we aim to document in our Developer Changelog (/CHANGELOG.md). We need to move this knowledge to a guide in developer.piwik.org so that it's shared across team members, and clear to the developer community.


Where we are today:

  • We create the Piwik platform and offer developers a set of public APIs #8125
  • We maintain backward compatibility for those APIs.
  • When changing or removing public APIs, we must first deprecate code following this process: #8126
  • We keep track of all platform changes relevant to developers in our Developer changelog

    What to write in developer changelog

As a Piwik product team engineer, we keep the developer changelog up to date by noting any:

  • change to a Reporting API method (eg. new API method added, deprecated, removed)
  • change to Reporting API output (eg. a new field in an API response)
  • change to Reporting API parameter (eg. parameter added, deprecated, removed)
  • change to Tracking API parameter (eg. parameter added, deprecated, removed)
  • change to Piwik JavaScript Tracker feature (eg. new feature, or removed feature)
  • new console command
  • new parameter for a console command
  • new developer guide
  • update to a third party library
  • any other relevant internal change that may interest developers

    Developer changelog structure

These changes are organised in the developer changelog in the following categories:

  • Breaking Changes
  • Deprecations
  • New features
  • New APIs
  • New commands
  • New guides
  • Library updates
  • Internal change

(you will find the template at the bottom of CHANGELOG.md file)

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