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In this issue we shall describe what parts of the Piwik platform are publicly available for other developers to use. The goal of this issue ideally is to create a guide or page (likely on developer.piwik.org) to document this knowledge.

Our public APIs

We call these "Public APIs" but this term can be a bit confusing as it includes more than just APIs.

Everything below is considered a public API:

  • Reporting HTTP API.
    • They are defined in API.php files and APIs are called over HTTP.
    • API endpoint index.php, URL structure ?module=API&method=X.Y&format=..., method names and parameter names are part of the API.
  • Tracking HTTP API
    • API endpoint piwik.php, parameter names are part of the API.
  • HTTP Status code for Reporting and Tracking APIs are API
  • Events
    • Event names, and parameter list are API.
  • Classes and Methods
    • They are tagged with <a class='mention' href='https://github.com/api'>@api</a> in our sourcecode. (these docs are automatically generated on each commit.)
  • A few console commands are API (the command name and parameter names should not change)
    • so far we only consider public APIs these commands: core:archive, core:update, plugin:activate, plugin:deactivate, git:pull, development:enable, development:disable, customvariables:set-max-custom-variables.
    • some of these commands are setup in crontabs and we shouldn't break them.
  • JavaScript variables in global piwik.* object
  • LESS variables used for Theming
  • INI Config settings names in config/global.ini.php are API
    • we should not rename INI config settings as users may have overridden them in config/config.ini.php
  • Widgets embed URLs are API
  • Some tools bundled with Piwik are considered API in the sense that their paths should not change:
    • libs/PiwikTracker/PiwikTracker.php <- tracker API client directly used from this path (as we advise in our doc)
    • misc/log-analytics/import_logs.py <- Log Analytics script
    • piwik.js is the minified JavaScript tracking client referenced in Tracking code in users' websites
    • alternatively /js/ endpoint is sometimes used to serve the minified file ensuring caching of the file in browsers.

Some other parts are sometimes considered public APIs but it is not a hard rule:

  • Translation keys, especially generic ones such as General_* and CoreHome_* keys, are part of the API and should not change.

Deprecations and changes to any of these public APIs will be documented in the developer changelog #8127

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Closing this as it has not much value being open and rather is confusing looking at it repeatedly.

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