@Globulopolis opened this Issue on June 13th 2015 Contributor

I cannot find any appropriate method to get the last insert ID. Currently, if I use the Db class to execute queries I will need to do something like this

Db::query($query, $bind);
return Db::get()->lastInsertId();
@tsteur commented on June 14th 2015 Member

I think that's how it is supposed to work currently. How would you want to use it instead?

@Globulopolis commented on June 14th 2015 Contributor

Ok. I'm asked question just for clarification.

@tsteur commented on June 14th 2015 Member

Ok. Please ask questions in the Forums next time. There's a category for that http://forum.piwik.org/list.php?9

This Issue was closed on June 14th 2015
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