@mgonera opened this Issue on June 9th 2015


  1. I am conducting a Site Search (Wordpress page to be exact) and search page gives me few results.
  2. I click each one of them to be opened in new browser tab.
  3. Only the first one will be displayed in "Pages following a Site Search" report.

I believe this is due to the synchronous tracking of the pages following each other which is vividly visible in visitors log - for sure the only 1st opened site is "following a Site Search" but still, the other actions tracked should also be tracked as sites which were opened from a Site Search.

Is there some opportunity to improve this situation? Both on the field of displaying data in Visitor Log and "Pages following a Site Search" report.

Please see attached screenshot for better visualization of the issue:

screen shot 2015-06-09 at 18 04 03 copy

@mattab commented on June 10th 2015 Member

Hi @mgonera

Thanks for the report. It works in this way "by design". In Piwik, when a visitor visits a page, the page "before" this pageview is assumed to be the previous page that was "last seen" by the user. So when opening two pages in new tab, for the second loaded tab, Piwik will consider that the page "before" (the referrer page) is the first tab.

To change / fix this, we would need to change some logic deep into the tracker:

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