@tsteur opened this Issue on June 4th 2015 Member

This is more an idea to reduce our workload for recurring issues such as #8040.

For example if there's any error related to angular, we could link to the FAQ that explains how to configure the server to serve HTML and we could link to the system check like this:

js error report

We could also print less verbose some explanations on where and how to create an issue, what information we need etc. In Piwik Mobile, when clicking on "give us feedback", we automatically attach information re the current used Piwik version, browser / device information, ... People could then just copy/paste and attach it to the issue.

Of course the developer tools are only used by a few users but on the other side our users are often familiar with such tools. We could also show that information on a system check page for easy copy/paste.

Maybe there are also some errors where we are very sure how it can be solved then we could even trigger a notification. We do this already for PHP notices, warnings and errors.

In the beginning it wouldn't be very useful but over time we could "analyze" more and more errors. This would be also helpful the more developers we have on our projects ourselves.

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