@anonymous-piwik-user opened this Issue on June 14th 2009

I'm using Piwik on [http://www.yaml-fuer-drupal.de/], but since v0.4 I get the below error. For debugging purposes I copied the uncompressed file in the root folder. Please take a look what's going wrong.

Components is not defined
Line 26
@anonymous-piwik-user commented on June 14th 2009

Attachment: Screenshot with error

@robocoder commented on June 14th 2009 Contributor

Can you tell us what browser version you're using and provide steps to reproduce the error?

The closest I get to that error is using Firefox 3 with Web Developer and Firebug extensions, and I use Web Developer's "View Generated Source". It reports:

[Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80004001 (NS_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED) [nsIRequest.name]"  nsresult: "0x80004001 (NS_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED)"  location: "JS frame :: file:///usr/lib/xulrunner- :: anonymous :: line 282"  data: no]
Line 282

The reduced test case is so trivial that it's clearly an interaction bug with the extensions.

<html><head><script type="text/javascript">
var Piwik = (function () {
        return {
                getTracker : function () {
                        return {
                                trackPageView : function () {},
@robocoder commented on June 14th 2009 Contributor
@anonymous-piwik-user commented on June 14th 2009

Firefox 3.0.11 with Firebug and Web Developer and others...

@robocoder commented on June 14th 2009 Contributor

Unless the tracking is broken, can we close this ticket? Your site otherwise loads fine with IE7, Opera, Safari, and FF3.

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on June 15th 2009

Don't you think that this bug should be fixed in Piwik? I do not like to see errors in Firebug. Google Analytics also do not have such issue and other Piwik version, too. Should I remove Piwik from the site?

@mattab commented on June 15th 2009 Member

are you sure your browser has the right file in cache? please delete your cache and try again. because when we changed the content of the piwik.js it might not have be forced-reload depending on your server configuration cache settings..

@robocoder commented on June 15th 2009 Contributor

Try the piwik.js in svn.

However, this is technically a bug in Firefox's chrome. If you disable your Firefox extensions, the error shouldn't even appear in Firefox's Error Console.

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on June 15th 2009

I'm not sure if the error is related to the above linked bugzilla case. I tested the view generated source on bugzilla page and the error is shown, nevertheless the Piwik error is shown on page load - it have nothing to do with generated source.

If you see the error in Firefox without any add-ons installed you should really fix/workaround it. Until we do not have a valid bug case linked, this is not closed.

For sure I cleared the caches more than once everywhere and clicked shift+reload to make sure all files are latest in the browser. Firebug shows me the new file is downloaded... and I can see the source of the new version JS file.

Have you changed something or why should I try the svn version?

@anonymous-piwik-user commented on June 15th 2009

The patch in http://dev.piwik.org/trac/changeset/1217/trunk/js/piwik.js seem to have this issue fixed. thx.

This Issue was closed on June 15th 2009
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