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The widget isn't working very well. I figured out a few bugs that block further development of the Drupal module.

  1. token_auth isn't taken into account. Security data problem. Expected: token_auth need to work
  2. viewDataTable=generateDataChartPie isn't taken into account. Additional UserSettings.getBrowser (Table) and UserSettings.getBrowserType (Pie Chart) show the same data, but don't follow any logic in naming (pie vesus table). Therefore I'm not able to pre-configure a widget to show as pie chart if I do not like to show the standard table. If the parameter is only named differently, please shed some light to me.
    Expected -> a URL parameter that allows to select a specific chart type.
  3. If I preconfigure the widget to filter_limit=8, this value is taken into account first. If I use the dataTableFooterIcons to switch to a different view I only need to click on the bars and than back to table view and the filter limit is reset to 3. Expected -> The original filter limit should be kept.
  4. I cannot see anything happens if disableLink=1 is used or not.
  5. enable_sort seems to have no function.
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Attachment: proposed text for /wiki/API/EmbeddingWidgets

@robocoder commented on June 17th 2009 Contributor
  1. already ticketed in #790
  2. for the iframe (widgetize) API, you'll want to use viewDataTable= set to one of:
    • cloud
    • graphPie
    • graphVerticalBar
    • graphEvolution
    • table
    • tableGoals
    • tableAllColumns
  3. I've added this requirement to #90
  4. used on evolution graphs, i.e., click on a date in the graph to open the dashboard for that date
  5. enables/disables column sorting on a datatable; it isn't part of the iframe (widgetize) API
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