@maggo2801 opened this Issue on May 13th 2015
@mattab commented on July 15th 2015 Owner

Hi @maggo2801
can you reproduce this problem with Piwik 2.14.0?

@mattab commented on September 11th 2015 Owner

@maggo2801 if you still experience this in 2.14.3, please reopen the issue, thanks

@mattab commented on September 15th 2015 Owner

Also reported in forums: http://forum.piwik.org/read.php?2,129036

I just got an untrusted host error-screen and I noticed that the website icon doesn't load properly. The link to the image is wrongly generated by piwik.
Instead of http://domain.tld/misc/user/logo.png it's http://85.**.***.47/misc/user/logo.png (IP-address)

@sgiehl commented on November 25th 2017 Member

I have a Piwik running under a subpath without any problems. The report is already 2 years old, so I assume it was fixed in one of the last versions as we didn't get similar reports meanwhile. If anyone is still having this problem, please open a new issue.

This Issue was closed on November 25th 2017
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