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Piwik can be used to track websites (including intranet websites) and mobile apps.

Currently if you measure Intranet portal using Piwik, it works well but users may need some ini config change (eg. faq).

Maybe we can design a simple but better way to manage Intranet websites for users?

How creating intranet website brings value to users?

What's the value in creating an intranet website VS a normal website?

  • when a website is set as intranet, we could ignore the ini setting trust_visitors_cookies and enable it always for this intranet site
    • enabling the setting helps data accuracy as many computers on an intranet have often shared IP addresses and same fingerprint hash
    • currently users have to manually enable the setting trust_visitors_cookies, as documented in How do I track visits on my intranet?, and it would help users to remove this step
  • in 'All Websites' dashboard (and in 'Manage websites') the Intranet websites could be clearly marked as 'Intranet' , maybe displayed differently (or "highlighted" in some way)
    • eg. setting the intranet website with a group attribute will put all intranet websites in one group like in Website groups plugin)


  • we need the possibility to manage and view Apps #7131.
  • measuring intranet websites is a step towards our grand vision of building a generic Analytics platform that measures 'Mobile App', 'Wearable', 'Sensor', any 'Thing' that emits data: #4734
  • how do we spread the word about this Intranet feature? update FAQ: Intranet analytics faq and this one, and user guide/page Intranet Analytics)
@mattab commented on April 21st 2015 Member

if you want to see better Intranet analytics in Piwik feel free to post your comments and suggestions on how we could improve reporting for Intranet websites, we're listening :-)

@gaumondp commented on April 21st 2015

Small comment: I was always reluctant to set "trust_visitors_cookies = 1" because I currently host both Public websites and Intranets on the same Piwik installation.

Reading the FAQ 2 years ago I decided to not set that setting and I stayed with the impression that setting up "trust_visitors_cookies" I would need a second Piwik installation.

At least, at the documentation level, you could add something about hosting both kind of sites and the impact/possibility to set trust_visitors_cookies and hosting a public website.

@AlroneRhyn commented on April 23rd 2015

Hi !
Managing intranet/internet sites separatly seems to me a great idear. I'm tracking both too and i would like to enable the do not track option for internet sites and disable it for my intranet sites. Or why not for a given site.

Thx a lot !

@mattab commented on September 7th 2018 Member

Moving to 3.6.1 (one of our customer directly needs this). it is still important to bring more flexibility, as one does not want to enable trust_visitors_cookies across all sites. We are getting this problem from time to time and the consequences are ugly. It simply does not make sense to have this as a global setting and end up creating buggy data for internet sites. So let's improve this behavior. Thoughts:

  • At the minimum, one could specify in a config setting, the list of idsites that are "intranet" sites.
  • Much better could be to create a new "Intranet" website type in Core Matomo. For Intranet websites, we directly enable the trust_visitor_cookies setting. This setting becomes a "website setting" de-activable in the UI and visible only for intranet sites.
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