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fixes #6809
This improves the performance of the All Websites Dashboard. It includes improvements on several layers:

  • Instead of fetching all sites into JS we do now only fetch the sites that we need to display. This means we will do a new request whenever someone sorts, searches, ...
  • Before we always requested the MultiSites.getAll twice whenever the websites dashboard was loaded. One to get the current dashboard and one request to get the previous one (this was needed for a hover tooltip, the past_data.total.nb_visits). We do now only one request as the MultiSites.getAll already always requested the past data anyway. I do now expose this total visits value as well
  • I made MultiSites.getAll on the server much faster. Eg before it took easily > 300 seconds to perform one MultiSites.getAll request when having 33k sites. This is now done in less than 10 seconds. If only a few sites are archived, and browser archiving is disabled, the performance improved from > 60 seconds to < 5 seconds. Basically a problem was that we first created eg 100K DataTables, 1mio Rows, ... just to merge them afterwards together via mergeChildren to 1 DataTable and 33k Rows. This took a long time. Instead we want to directly build the merged dataTable. There are many changes in this pull request and each of them has actually a huge impact on MultiSites.getAll performance.
@mattab commented on April 22nd 2015 Owner

Needs a rebase & then +1 to merge it before the beta/RC

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