@mattab opened this Issue on April 17th 2015 Owner


  • in a website selector, with 10 websites or so,
  • enter in the search field an (or any substring of `...........
  • notice that the autocompleter will highlight in purple some text but it actually displays html code of the element, as can be seen in this screenshot:


Expected behavior would be that the html code is not displayed (and that the highlighter / search does not match on the html text but only on the text without markup)

@mnapoli commented on April 20th 2015 Contributor

Ah I reported that here: https://github.com/piwik/piwik/pull/7552#issuecomment-86812956 but apparently I forgot to fix it ;)

What do you say I just remove the color highlighting? I remember looking into it and it was a mess because of escaping issues.

@mattab commented on April 20th 2015 Owner

color highlighting is actually useful: it shows user why the website name matches the search (which sometimes is not obvious when website names are long or when search string is short).

This Issue was closed on August 13th 2015
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