@tschikarski opened this Issue on April 10th 2015

Please refer to this closed but unresolved issue: https://github.com/piwik/piwik/issues/5873

Short summary of old issue:
Daily reports scheduled for 12 are actually sent shortly after 13 o'clock. Global timezone setting is "Europe/Berlin"; Setting for all websites is also "Europe/Berlin".

We recently re-tested this issue (before and after the switch to central European daylight saving time).
The issue had disappeared during winter time, but has reappeared with summer time.

Therefore, it looks like Piwik is ignoring the switch to (Central European) summer time.

Verified on Version 2.11.2

@mattab commented on July 14th 2015 Owner

Thanks for the report @tschikarski - since the emails are only sent one hour late, it mostly work well, we will not yet investigate this issue. If you have other bugs with scheduled report timing, please let us know.

@mattab commented on September 20th 2016 Owner

Should be fixed in #10443

This Issue was closed on September 20th 2016
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