@lgbff opened this Issue on April 9th 2015


when i use
<code php
/usr/bin/php5 /usr/share/piwik/core/Console.php plugin:list

this error is diplayed:

PHP Fatal error: Class 'Symfony\Component\Console\Application' not found in /usr/share/piwik/core/Console.php on line 22

My environment:
Debian Wheezy
Piwik 2.12.1-1 (Debian package from piwik repo)

any idea?

thx Karsten

@diosmosis commented on April 9th 2015 Member

Hi @lgbff , you should execute the /usr/share/piwik/console file, not core/Console.php. So, the command would be: /usr/bin/php5 /usr/share/piwik/console plugin:list.

@lgbff commented on April 10th 2015

oh, my issue, thx for the hint.

This Issue was closed on April 9th 2015
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