@tzi opened this Issue on April 9th 2015 Member

Hi piwik team!

As discussed in #7390, it could be urseful to have a CSS style guide for the developers.

The purpose of this minisite is to document our CSS code base, especially the reusable components:

  • It shows the "CSS API" usable by the developers
  • It shows the components that should be restyled in themes
  • It could also used by our visual non-regression testing tool.

It could start with a simple page, and be improved step by step.
There is also some tools to do it like Style Guide Boilerplate, Pattern Primer or Module Gallery.


@mnapoli commented on April 29th 2015 Contributor

PR: #7787

@mnapoli commented on May 10th 2015 Contributor

#7787 has been merged but it only includes a UI test of the demo page. This page is not yet documented, and the CSS classes are not tagged as API yet. Let's discuss that topic here:

  • do we consider as API everything documented in this page?
  • if yes, we need to integrate this into the developer documentation (via widget/iframe maybe‚Ķ)
@tsteur commented on June 9th 2015 Owner

do we consider as API everything documented in this page?

I do not really have a huge problem with considering everything API but would prefer not to. Eg we have a PHP & JS API for notifications so developers do not really need to know the markup for notifications. Not having it API would just leave us more flexibility in changing things in the future as we will want to change things in the future again for sure. Eg maybe we want to use another UI framework (based on AngularJS, eg https://material.angularjs.org/latest/#/demo/material.components.autocomplete only an example) and there notifications etc are made completely different. It's rather a random example though. I'm ok with it as long as we're careful what we put on that page.

@mattab commented on June 16th 2015 Owner

Could this issue be closed for 2.14.0? if not, let's move it to 3.0.0 and write here the next step / decision.

@mnapoli commented on June 16th 2015 Contributor

This issue isn't done, I'm moving it to 3.0.

@mattab commented on February 8th 2016 Owner

we now have a "Demo page" listing CSS styles that are "Api" so the remaining step is to advertise this publicly on developer.piwik.org

@tzi commented on February 9th 2016 Member

Hi! Is this page public yet?

@tsteur commented on February 10th 2016 Owner

Nope, not yet. Need to find a way to make it public somehow. Currently the page needs some admin access + enabled development mode

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