@Kornexl opened this Issue on April 9th 2015

I would like to merge the data from two sites into one of these
(id 5 and id 15 to 15)

@daandres commented on May 1st 2015

I support this request.
My scenario is:
I have a Wordpress site and use wp-piwik. It sneds data automatically to piwik site with id 1.
After migrating my site to use only ssl, wp-piwik detects this as a new site (id=2).
I have seen that this behaviour is fixed in wp-piwik, but too late for me.

Therefore I want to merge the sites with id 1 and 2 in one single side with only one id.


@Creat1veM1nd commented on June 22nd 2015

I do support this request also.

@lioman commented on July 19th 2015

This would be useful. I accidently created a new website in Piwik and now the data of half a year is in the wrong website.

A simple SQL script to merge the data together would be usefull too.

@Breighton commented on September 22nd 2015

I also support this request. We went from a "beta" site to a "production" site but our marketing folks need data that goes back through the "beta" site's data, and the merging of the two sites would do exactly that for us.

@Undergrounder commented on September 22nd 2015

I am extending the SiteMigration plugin to allow doing this. I hope to get this feature this week done.

@benji1000 commented on September 26th 2015

Oh, that would be very useful!

I just ran into the situation where I moved my websites from one server to another, initiated the tracking on the new server, and made the mistake to migrate the data from the old server afterwards.

Although the two configurations were quite identical (same domains, same ID), migrating data of one of the two websites with the SiteMigration plugin created a third website on the new server, instead of merging with the corresponding ID.

Thank you Undergrounder!

@monty241 commented on February 11th 2016

Great change! SiteMigration plugin is quite slow with large websites and creates a new idsite for every date-from/date-to range being uploaded. This would allow multiple uploads to run in parallel.

@davidak commented on July 16th 2016

@Undergrounder is that now supported? How would i do it?

@Undergrounder commented on July 17th 2016

No, sorry.

My old company switched to Google analytics and the implementation was't yet complete.

@christianhennen commented on July 25th 2017

Are there any updates on this? We at @ZIMK would greatly appreciate such a feature.

@saschafoerster commented on June 6th 2018

Just have the same problem, that the plugin wp-piwik created a new ID. So another +1 for this year!

@krrishh-org commented on July 31st 2018


@D37R4C7 commented on September 18th 2018


@b3n4kh commented on March 8th 2019

@Kornexl could you elaborate on why this feature is unwanted?

@Creat1veM1nd commented on March 8th 2019

Would like to know the reason for closing also. Thanks.

@mattab commented on March 18th 2019 Member

Sorry it was closed by mistake. Let's re-open.

Btw we have released a new slightly related plugin which lets you migrate one website from one instance to another: http://plugins.matomo.org/Migration
But it doesn't work for "merging" two websites together. Maybe it can be useful in some cases.

@prathers commented on December 1st 2019

This issue has become more important since the launch of the Google Analytics Importer plugin. If you choose to import older data from Google after you already has the same website enabled in Matomo, you end up with two set of data.

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