@robocoder opened this Issue on June 8th 2009 Contributor

Task: move related .php files from core/Tracker and misc to a plugin.

Part of the misc folder cleanup.

Paves the way to add a UI (change settings #735, warning/progress #693).

@robocoder commented on July 31st 2009 Contributor

From feedback:

In API documentation, the link "generate some data" (the first one) is not working. It says it requires 'superuser' access.

We should suppress this text if the current user doesn't have superuser access.

@mattab commented on August 31st 2009 Member

Also, before generating any data, the super user should be told that he is going to add fake data in his Piwik which he might not want to.

@mattab commented on January 8th 2010 Member

Rolled up in requirements of #134 new visit generator generating random visits, or possible to generate from an Apache log containing hits to piwik.php?

@robocoder commented on June 2nd 2010 Contributor

Fixed in #1374

This Issue was closed on June 2nd 2010
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