@hpvd opened this Issue on April 1st 2015

tiny: visitor profile: linebreak between value and unit
seen in 2.13 b1
please see attachment

@saleemkce commented on April 9th 2015 Contributor

It has nothing to do with line break because it always depends on screen resolution/size. Even if you use "
UNIT VALUE" pattern, for smaller or wider resolutions, it will put this pattern in new line and would seem like a TEXT break. I have faced this issue too many times in the past. One possible solution would be like using a UI label like this
"Task", "c:Design/UI" as seen above using HTML label field which will ensure nice UI and automatically prevents line breaks for any "UNIT VALUE" patterns.

@hpvd commented on April 9th 2015

sounds interesting.
Maybe one should collect all cases/places where this could happen within this ticket?

From image above one could see that these are not only simple ones "UNIT VALUE" but also
"VALUE1 UNIT1 VALUE2 UNIT2" e.g. for durations like "3 hours 29 min" which should be protected from being split.

@saleemkce commented on April 9th 2015 Contributor

Yes, that's exactly what I too thought. We need to fix this in all the occurrences possible so that uniformity is maintained throughout the site and such key metrics is highlighted by default.

@mnapoli commented on April 13th 2015 Contributor

It could also be fixed with a non-breaking space (  in HTML).

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