@pebosi opened this Issue on June 5th 2009 Contributor

I recently read the Drupal 7 changes (http://drupal.org/node/224333#time), and i thought, replacing time() calls with a constant (http://api.drupal.org/api/constant/REQUEST_TIME/7) could be a good thing for piwik too.

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@robocoder commented on June 5th 2009 Contributor

Further analysis required. This may be a non-trivial peephole optimization, i.e., there is a semantic difference between the request time and "now".

@mattab commented on June 7th 2009 Member

agreed, please don't create tickets like this in next roadmap if there is no patch attached; that's OK if it's justified and a patch is there. thanks!

@robocoder commented on December 2nd 2011 Contributor

note: in php 5.4.0 alpha 1, $_SERVER['REQUEST_TIME'] was changed to include microsecond precision.

This Issue was closed on December 2nd 2011
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