@mattab opened this Issue on March 16th 2015 Member

The goal of this issue is to make all titles in Piwik black colors, in particular to change the titles currently brown to make them consistent black.

For example: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/piwik/piwik-ui-tests/master/CoreUpdaterDb_main.png

also this: https://github.com/piwik/piwik-ui-tests/blob/master/UIIntegrationTest_goals_overview.png

They look quite wrong Imo so this is the reason to change them :-)

@mnapoli commented on March 22nd 2015 Contributor

They are a different color because they are links. If we make them black we can see that they are link, but I tried in blue and that's too much IMO. I think black is good.

@mnapoli commented on March 23rd 2015 Contributor

I have fixed this in #7481

I know ideally it should be a separate pull request but #7481 carries changes to uniformise base CSS styles (e.g. for headers) so it would be really more complex to make a separate pull request. I have taken the opportunity to simplify headers style: now Morpheus defines a base h2/h3 style consistent for all Piwik and CoreHome only overrides what's necessary for the h2 and h3 in reports (previously CoreHome was applying it style across all plugins & pages which was wrong). Much nicer, easier to theme, etc...

This Issue was closed on April 17th 2015
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