@Chrissitopher opened this Issue on March 13th 2015

I have deactivated the plugin MultiSites, because I do not need it. However, the drop-down in the right of the main menu, next to "Website", still contains a link "ALL WEBSITES", which links to the MultiSites plugin. Logically this link is not working, because the plugin is not enabled.

Only add this link, if MultiSites is actually enabled!


@mattab commented on March 16th 2015 Owner

Hi @Chrissitopher thanks for the suggestion.

@Chrissitopher commented on May 6th 2015

Although MultiSites is not activated, the items, which are set in plugins/MultiSites/Menu.php, are added to the menu anyway - however, to change this kind of behaviour in general, it will need a bigger architectural change, which is out of scope for me here. For now I have a quicker solution, which maybe is not the cleanest one, but for the time being it's definitely working.

Since plugins/MultiSites/Menu.php obviously is executed in any case, for the time being, I propose to fix this bug in plugins/MultiSites/Menu.php, by adding an if() statement inside the configureTopMenu() function to make sure the link only gets added, if MultiSites is actually activated:

class Menu extends \Piwik\Plugin\Menu
    public function configureTopMenu(MenuTop $menu)
        // ...
        $manager = \Piwik\Plugin\Manager::getInstance();
        if ($manager->isPluginActivated('MultiSites')) {
            $menu->add('General_MultiSitesSummary', null, $urlParams, true, 3, $tooltip);
@Chrissitopher commented on October 28th 2015

In current versions of Piwik, the "All websites" link now only is displayed, if MultiSites is really activated.

This solves the issue.

This Issue was closed on October 28th 2015
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