@mattab opened this Pull Request on March 10th 2015 Member

... or it would set the same visitor id to all those visitors

Fixes #7368

@Sija commented on March 23rd 2015 Contributor

In my use case user logs in (#setUserId('<user login>')) and logs out (#setUserId(undefined)), but because of this PR, the second call is silently dropped without changing userId. How can I clear, once set userId?

@mattab commented on March 23rd 2015 Member

Hi @Sija That's a great question, can you please create a new issue here? we will add the possibility to setUserId with false or something similar (to reset the user id)

@Sija commented on March 24th 2015 Contributor

Sure, I've made a PR #7518.

This Pull Request was closed on March 11th 2015
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