@sirtet opened this Issue on February 27th 2015

I noticed i stay logged in infinitely.
Shouldn't there be a timeout on inactivity?
Maybe with an option to change the time and/or to disable it?

@mattab commented on March 1st 2015 Member

If you click "Remember me" then you will be logged in forever. I think it's by design. Maybe we could expire it after N days of inactivity... ?

@saleemkce commented on April 14th 2015 Contributor

@mattab Yes, it would be better to expire user session after N days of inactivity because there is no point in keeping the user session live forever if there is no user activity in the given browser tab. We need to make the user log into the site every 3 or 5 days to make sure that the user's data is not abused by others using the same computer or device. Which would be fine, 3 or 5?

@simpleuser99 commented on October 22nd 2015

When is issue resolve?
I need, that piwik web interface users autologout through N times.

@simpleuser99 commented on February 15th 2016

When the auto logoff can be resolved?

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