@mattab opened this Issue on February 15th 2015 Member

The goal of this issue is to improve the powerful "Segmented Visitor Log" feature (in #4633) to let users open the Visitor Profile for any visitor, where currently the "View Visitor Profile" link is hidden on the Segmented Visitor Log popover.

  • show the link 'Visitor profile', ideally on hover on the row only (as not to show a repeating "View visitor profile" in the popover, where we have less width available?).
  • When the link is clicked, the Visitor Profile popover opens on top of the 'Segmented Visitor Log' popover. One can view the visitor profile, and then close it, and then the "Segmented Visitor Log" popover is visible again.
@sgiehl commented on May 15th 2018 Member

Our popover implementation does not allow stacking multiple popovers over each other. The only possibility without completely rewriting the popover logic would be to store the popover param for the last popover and reopen it on close. But maybe someone has a better idea

@mattab commented on May 15th 2018 Member

@sgiehl sounds to me an acceptable solution :+1:

@diosmosis commented on May 18th 2018 Member

@sgiehl If the popover param is in the URL and saved in the browser history, maybe we could just open a new popover, then on close, invoke window.history.back(); (or whatever cross browser version matomo currently does for this)?

@mattab commented on August 28th 2018 Member

@diosmosis just tested and noticed that the "Previous" button does not work to come back to the segmented visitor log popover. Could you please create an issue or PR for this feature as discussed above?

@diosmosis commented on August 28th 2018 Member

@mattab the back button in the browser works for that for me, do you mean the dialog 'close' button?

This Issue was closed on May 27th 2018
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