@tzi opened this Pull Request on May 8th 2013 Member

Hi the piwik team!

I reorganized all the plugins folders to respect this current pattern:

  • /plugins//images/
  • /plugins//javascripts/
  • /plugins//stylesheets/
  • /plugins//templates/

I also started to rename:

  • The ambigous files, like misc.js, index.js, index.css, styles.css, etc.
  • No starting upperCase for stylesheets files
  • Starting upperCase for javascripts files that contains the declaration of an object

Finally, I fixed some remained links to theme/default.


@halfdan commented on May 8th 2013 Member

Awesome progress!

@tzi commented on May 8th 2013 Member

Thanks ;)

@mattab commented on June 26th 2013 Member

Great initiative & overall cleanups!

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