@jantlwoomy opened this Pull Request on January 8th 2015 Contributor

Tried to segment all visits to Users and Not users.
Segmentation with rules User Id, Not equal, Empty generates next SQL:
( log_visit.idvisitor IS NOT NULL AND (log_visit.idvisitor <> '' OR log_visit.idvisitor = 0)

But in case Anonymous visitor there is Visitor ID but no User ID.

So after fix SQL changing for this:
( log_visit.user_id IS NOT NULL AND (log_visit.user_id <> '' OR log_visit.user_id = 0) )

@mattab commented on January 9th 2015 Member

Hi @jantlwoomy would you mind first creating an issue for the bug, with steps to reproduce, and expected results VS got result? and please link #6954 from your issue. I'm not sure that this change is valid, but let's see! cheers

@mattab commented on February 9th 2015 Member

Thanks @jantlwoomy for the PR!

Fixes #6959

This Pull Request was closed on February 9th 2015
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