@johnefemer opened this Issue on January 5th 2015

i noticed the target link was not redirecting to the outlink after tracking the interaction.


it seems theres no header 301 in the Url.php,
i added the following line before line 486,

            Common::sendHeader("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently");

now its redirecting to the target.

@mattab commented on January 5th 2015 Owner

Hi @johnefemer thanks for the report!

@tsteur commented on January 13th 2015 Owner

Shouldn't it be a 302 Not Found / Moved Temporarily or since HTTP 1.1 a 307 Temporary Redirect?

@mattab commented on January 14th 2015 Owner

302 http redirect sounds good

This Issue was closed on January 16th 2015
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