@mattab opened this Issue on January 5th 2015 Member

The goal of this issue is to redesign the way the menus work in Piwik, to improve the overall usability of Piwik and discoverability of features.

Current design


There are several issues with this design:

  • In general it is confusing that the Reporting menu (in green) is horizontal.
    • Clicking on a sub-menu can be counter-intuitive
    • To better use wide screens all modern apps are using left menu.
  • Admin settings link is hard to find #6892
  • User menu is hard to discover #6765


  • Make Piwik easier to use
    • we need a one click access to:
    • Dashboard
    • All Websites
    • Admin settings
    • we need a one or two-click access to:
    • Sign out
    • User settings
  • The Reporting menu (green) to be displayed on the left. Example of what it currently looks like (from #5212)

left menu in 2 10 0

  • Note that there are two contexts for the app menus:
    1. Reporting Dashboard
    2. Administration interface
  • Note that it would be OK to use icons for Sign out, Administration, etc. (such as the Github top menu on this page)

    Proposed steps

  • Prepare design mockups
  • Discuss mockups, iterate
  • Implement design mockups in Piwik
@mattab commented on January 9th 2015 Member

I need to update issue description after @tsteur finished improving user & admin menus!

@tsteur commented on January 26th 2015 Member

User & Admin menu is done...

Can't wait to have a nice left menu!

@mattab commented on February 7th 2015 Member

I leave this issue opened and move it to 2.12.0 so we can wait to hear (hopefully) from users feedback after the menu structure was improved in #6937 and #6989 (Administration link + new user menu).

Proposed next steps:

  • discuss whether we can make further changes to the menu structure for better usability
  • design a Mockup that makes the Left Reporting menu look nice
  • Use the "Left Menu" as default menu for new Piwik users #7169
@tsteur commented on February 8th 2015 Member

Who would make the mockups? And yes, we should make the left menu default for new Piwik users and probably for all users. Hopefully we won't have to maintain two versions as the top menu does not bring many (or any) advantages.

@mattab commented on February 9th 2015 Member

Waiting for mockups from Rafal, maybe in couple weeks we will have an update.

@tassoman commented on March 4th 2015 Contributor

Menus are different also by screen reader rendering. Looks like could be useful using real html5 navigation tags

@mattab commented on March 31st 2015 Member

In order to close this issue we need to first close the following issues:

  • New Piwik design when main menu is on the left #7589
  • Use the "Left Menu" as default menu for new Piwik users #7169
  • It is hard to see which menu item is currently selected #7093 (should be fixed automatically with the new design)
@mattab commented on April 13th 2015 Member

FYI I've updated about 28 FAQs and 11 User guides to change the instructions after we have changed how menus work. eg. renamed "Settings" -> "Administration" and few other similar changes so the FAQs and user guides are up to date with our new menu structure.

@mattab commented on April 24th 2015 Member
This Issue was closed on April 24th 2015
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